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High Jewelry Earrings: double treasure to double your beauty 

As the world is evolving into hi-tech and digital values, we start to forget what traditional values look like. AirPods seem to be the trendiest ear accessory nowadays, while classy earrings from precious metals with precious stones are chosen by just a few. Luckily, even in the high-speed world of progress, there’s always a place for special occasions, when a woman is seduced to feel like her royal lady ancestors. 

IVY Earrings of High Jewelry collection is the best way to invest in your tonight’s beauty and tomorrow’s legacy. The wide array of artisanal designs spans from timeless classic to bold avant-garde. On a traditional note, IVY Chandelier Earrings with natural Rubies and Blue Sapphires will turn each woman into a queen. On a modern scene, we have vibrant green Tsavorites, Mandarin Garnets, Rubellites and Royal Indigo Tourmlaines in intricate compositions, always attracting the attention of the gem-knowing audience. Paraiba Earrings have become a millennial counterpart of ancient Emerald Earrings, and they both glow so intensely, illuminating your evening runway.  

Creating a pair of state-of-the-art Earrings is a double challenge for the jeweler, as you need at least one statement pair of matching stones. When it comes to natural gems, it is particularly hard to do, especially with Spinel. That’s why IVY Spinel Earrings become a signature pride of our haute joaillerie line, very much coveted and sought for. A pair of ear pendants with Pink Spinels will fit fair complexion, while Red Spinel studs will complement tanned skin. IVY Earrings with Cobalt Blue Spinel from Vietnam and rose-cut Diamonds is an artwork worth a museum display, and our signature pear-shaped model with stitched-like Spinel Crystals is a proven party queen, setting all eyes on your sparkles even at the darkest night. 

IVY designs are never limited by colors or shapes as we use the unparalleled collection of premium quality natural stones handpicked for over 30 years by Vlad Yavorskyy. Each pair of IVY High Earrings reveals the author’s taste and expertise to the full, allowing you to be a proud owner of a one-off Jewelry piece. You are welcome to buy a jewelry masterpiece of your dream on our website ivynewyork.com and pass it on to your heirs as a precious legacy and a timeless work of wearable jewelry art.

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