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IVY High Jewelry: Fine Stones, Exquisite Designs, Precious Investment

IVY High Jewelry: Fine Stones, Exquisite Designs, Precious Investment
The special pride of IVY collection is composed of the best colored Gemstones found by Vlad Yavorskyy during his lifetime journey. It reflects his inspiration with the most wonderful eras of fashion history: Belle Epoch, Art Deco, Antique, always with a touch of cross-cultural fusion and personal twist.

When it comes to high society jewelry, it is much more than just an expensive accessory. It is an object of status, style and identity, to distinguish yourself in the social circle. Statement jewelry always starts with natural Gemstones and impeccable craftsmanship: these are fundamental to make your jewel a heritage, living long after you, telling your story, keeping your virtues. Each piece of IVY haute joaillerie is a true work of art, handcrafted with love and passion, using natural stones of the finest quality in timeless designs.

Naturally, a piece of jewelry art will shine its best on a red carpet of a glamorous event. The Met Gala, the Cannes Festival, the Grammy have seen IVY New York necklaces, earrings and rings glowing on the lucky celebrities and fashion icons. Oriental princesses indulge in lavish IVY combinations of colorful treasures. Since childhood they are surrounded with a powerful tradition of precious gems, and they keep cherishing the values by choosing royal stones set into classy designs. Business ladies love to buy high jewelry for investment, as it will keep growing in price over time.

Like every woman is inimitable, each piece of IVY High Jewelry is unique, designed out of the world’s most rare stones with grace and passion. A high society diva, a nymph, a duchess, a queen or a muse – what does it feel like when you put on a precious artwork? Try it on today, get the best deal at our online jewelry shop ivynewyork.com.

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