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Aquamarine Swan Dance Earrings



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Product Details

Aquamarine 22.97 cts / 6 pcs, Iolite 0.41 ct / 6 pcs, White Sapphire 1.26 cts / 151 pcs, Diamond 1.12 cts / 218 pcs, 18k gold 

This pair of spectacular ear pendants might find inspiration in the classic Russian Ballet. Three large Blue Aquamarines reach our from the center in equilateral manner, each Gem pure and lustrous like a crystal-clear lake. On each lake there reigns the Swan Queen, a rhombus cut Iolite of deep blue-violet tone. On the water banks we can see two rows of Little Swans: Diamonds set in different gold colors, outer row slightly bigger than the inner one. As the white ballerinas whirl in allegro moderato, the outer points of the Aquamarine lakes are turning upwards, giving a movement and dimension to the dance of gems. 

The composition suspends on a classic lock set with Diamonds. All IVY earrings are delicately crafted with minimal metal so they will never weigh down your bold look.  

Color: Blue 
Certified: GRS

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