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Women's Jewelry: the craft of elegance

Jewelry has traditionally indicated one’s status and taste. Every little girl secretly dreams to put on her mother’s jewelry one day, and the first jewel of her own is a real joy, often with tears of admiration and happiness shed. When it comes to IVY, all the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are more than designer pieces in vogue and in style; they are timeless family treasures.

Gemstones alone can be valued higher than any design or provenance, especially if they have a story behind. IVY jewelry is all about gemstones. It is designed to reveal the maximum beauty of a natural fine cut gem, with the minimum metal to make each piece surprisingly lightweight. Our jewelry is created for women to wear with comfort and delight, everyday and on special occasions. Fashion trends come and go, yet classic gem-centered IVY compositions will never be conquered by time. A flickering palette of fine-cut tsavorites, rhodolites, emeralds, rubies or tourmalines will fascinate descendants for centuries to come. IVY high jewelry is more than unique pieces of art to wear; it is a reliable investment for the next generations to enjoy.

It is remarkable that some gemstones were discovered comparatively not so long ago – like tsavorite, or their names have been historically confused – like spinel. Spinel jewelry with its diverse tints is a vivid example of this phenomenon and is a particular passion of the designer Vladyslav Yavorskyy. It inspires him to create exquisite treasures that please the eye of our customers worldwide. Each IVY jewel is one-of-a-kind, to reveal the inimitable beauty of each unique woman.

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