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Demantoid and Diamond Ring

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Product Details

There is never enough green! Enjoy the fresh splash with our stunning Demantoid Ring with Diamonds 💚 This classic IVY floral piece features eight Demantoids encircling a unique, old, over 10-carat stone. Each Demantoid contributes superb brilliance, creating an effect reminiscent of a popping blast of dispersion. The central Demantoid resembles the heart of Mother Nature frozen in an eternal dream. The color is as intense and deep as life itself.

The name Demantoid is derived from the Middle High German 'demant,' meaning 'diamond,' and the ancient Greek 'eidos,' meaning 'appearance.' This name is a clear reference to the stone’s characteristic high adamantine luster and rainbow-colored 'fire,' typically specific to Diamonds. And look, there is indeed a lot of rainbow-colored fire in this ring! The signature Yavorskyy cut and perfect design only emphasize this!

Twelve Diamonds are delicately set in the gold rim of the ring. Yellow and Pink Gold are combined in a harmonious kaleidoscopic position to highlight the gems, making this ring an unparalleled piece for any occasion.

18K Yellow and Pink Gold
Demantoid 10.60 ct
Demantoid 8.69 ct / 8 pcs
Diamonds 0.21 ct / 12 pcs

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