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High Jewelry Ring: the sign of utmost merits on your finger

In the world of fast-changing values, only few things stay in demand unconditionally. People will always invest in somewhere to live, something to eat, somewhere to travel, and something to beautify themselves with. Luxury in the age of consumerism is not only about price and fashion; it is about uncompromising quality, well-reputed story behind, rarity and uniqueness of the product.

Among all the attributes of status and regalia, fine jewelry with natural Gemstones is the first choice to invest in. Not only is it traditional, beautiful and unquestionably valuable, it is above all wearable and it delivers the messages instantly: discreet yet obvious. The world’s finest selection of precious colored gems - the hallmark of IVY Jewelry - is the bottom line to creating a piece of high jewelry art that will last forever.

Another privilege of haute joaillerie is that it demonstrates the seriousness of your intentions, when it comes to giving a jewelry present. The last thing you want to buy for your one and only is a ring that she can see on another girl, making her feel like someone else. That’s why we create each IVY piece in a single copy, by hand and in-house, and each big Gemstone is only one in the whole world. High jewelry pink spinel ring is the signature treasure of IVY New York to make your lady feel loved, treasured, and irreplaceable. Other bestsellers include the Gemini Ring composed of two twin-like stones set base to base in a diamond frame, and Crown Ring featuring colored gems in a circular layout with besel-set rounds in-between.

It goes without saying that premium quality jewelry requires everything flawless: authentic design inspired by the most elegant epochs, impeccable performance and wearability, and above all rare natural gems of most wonderful colors, precision-cut by Yavorskyy. As a cherry on the pie, you can get all of that as easy as never before: just visit our online shop and get the best price on your one-of-a-kind statement ring with global shipment.

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