Demantoid, Spinel and Diamond Ring



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Demantoid Garnet 8.02cts, Blue Spinel 3.70cts / 2 pcs, Diamond 0.27ct / 38 pcs, 18k gold 

IVY signature trinity ring centering on a fine Demantoid cushion with high dispersion and brilliance, flanked by two pear-shaped Blue Spinels, all three gems classically surrounded with a spiky diamond rim. 

Color: Green, Blue 
Origin: Namibia

Certified: GRS

***Demantoids were once known as Bobrov garnets as they were first discovered on the right bank of the Bobrovka River in the Central Ural Mountains in 1855. However, it was not until 1871 that the magnificent stone was assigned its current name during a sitting of the Russian Imperial Mineralogical Society.***

(extract from DEMANTOID chapters of the book "Gemstones.Terra Connoisseur" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy)

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