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Spinel and Diamond Crown Earrings

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Product Details

Spinel 4.60 ct / 2 pcs, Spinel 7.67 ct / 16 pcs, Diamond 16pcs, 18k gold

The new generation of our classic Crown design is composed fully of pastel-colored Spinels. Each piece centers on a larger cushion cut Spinel in a tender blush color, and is further surrounded by eight smaller rounds in the matching palette. In-between the Spinels, there are eight besel-set Diamonds to give a final touch of sparkle, whirling you away in a waltz of snowflakes. The supreme brilliance and dispersion of natural Spinel is highlighted to the maximum in this fusion of colors and cuts. No matter how laconic and discreet, this pair calls for a celebration every waking moment, turning each day into a holiday.

Color: Pink, Grey, White

Certified: GRS 


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