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Marco Polo Spinel Crystal Earrings

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Product Details

Pink Spinel app . 25.00 ct/2 pcs, Diamonds app.3.80 ct/lot, 18k gold 

This one-of-a-kind set was handcrafted from a unique piece of Spinel rough found over twenty years ago in the Pamir mountains, where Marco Polo left his trace. The gradient Necklace and the pair of Earrings feature fine Spinel crystals of random shapes and untouched interiors, following the tradition of ancient Mughal jewelry. In each ear pendant, a Pink Spinel is suspended from a double diamond cap with a wavy fringe. This is attached to a bezel-set round diamond, and topped with a free-formed lump of gold and diamond clusters resembling alder tree cone. An artistic combination of organic shapes, light textures and delicate colors, complemented by perpetual sparkle of diamonds and subtle flexibility of each single compartment of the earrings, creates an ethereal feather-like sensation. Match the Eairings with Necklace N0902 for the outstanding Maharani look. 

Color: Pink

Certified: GRS 

Origin: Pamir (Tajikistan) 
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