Spinel and Diamond Disco Ring

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Red Spinel Burma 3.57 ct, Grey Spinel 5.51 ct / 8 pcs, Diamonds 0.50 ct / 48 pcs, 18K Yellow and Pink Gold

Our signature Disco model composed of natural Spinels in a circular layout, eight oval Grey Spinels embracing a round Vivid Red Burmese Spinel. The outer diamond rim with inward-facing spikes locks the stones in tight integrity, creating a floral emblem with a sparkling allure. The flat disc-like design makes the ring a perfect fit in your casual wardrobe: you can easily tuck your hand in the jeans’ pocket, do sports or cooking wearing this truly ergonomic Ring. At night though it will catch all eyes thanks to the big and sparkling cocktail look. 

Color: Red, Grey
Certified: GRS

Origin: Burma (Myanmar)

***When it comes to precious stones of the crimson complexion, the choices are depressingly deficient. And if we wish to pursue a scarlet gem of significant size and beauty, the selection is reduced to just one – spinel.***

(extract from RED SPINEL chapters of the book "Gemstones.Terra Connoisseur" by Vladyslav Yavorskyy) 

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