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Watch IVY New Film: Creating a Ruby Masterpiece

As the world is celebrating the Women’s Day, we send this love letter to the beautiful half of humanity. 
Amazed and inspired by the power of the modern Woman, we created this state-of-the-art movie, Haute Joaillerie meets Haute Cuisine. 
She’s not just the Chef. She’s Chef D’oeuvre, the masterpiece
Indulge in the visual ecstasy and watch this full 1-minute film on repeat!
How high can she get with a handful of Rubies?
As the sun sinks behind the skyline, she turns off the screen, takes off her glasses and takes a deep breath. Another workday is complete.
In the rush hour, she drives back to her cozy home amidst the concrete jungle. 
She releases the burden of a busy day, and lifts up her hair in a twist.
High on her stilettos, she walks into the kitchen, ready for her evening routine. 
Home cooking should be a delight, not a duty. 
She stirs an array of natural ingredients to fabricate a truly tasteful concoction. 
What will be served for dinner tonight?
Rethink the modern routine. Rethink the everyday. Think IVY. 
Happy Women’s Day!
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