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SABAR | Bali 2021 Documentary 🐟 One day of Balinese fisherman family during the pandemic

Indonesian “SABAR” translates “PATIENT” in English, which means bearing pains or burdens quietly, without complaint.

SABAR | Bali 2021 Documentary
During the pandemic in Bali the population regressed from flourishing tourism employment to traditional work like their grandparents did: farming and fishing. This resulted in a series of issues we’ve been witnessing while living here in Bali for two harsh years together with the local community. The jukung boats that used to go out once per day to catch hundreds of fish, are now being used three times per day. Fish population at the shores of Bali has crashed as a result. "NO FISH" - heard from each boat as they come back empty day by day.

With this film we want to share a whole range of feelings to the Balinese people, including gratitude for their wonderful hospitality, admirable strength, the habit of appreciating only true values and so many other examples to follow. We just couldn’t stay indifferent and we’d like everybody to see what real life is like - even in picture-perfect places devastated by a global cataclysm.

Listen to the song Made (fisherman since 1980 ⛵) sings in the film: "This song was taught by my grandfather who died when I was in second grade" 🎶🎵
Ayo kita pagi ini / Let's go this morning
Berangkat memancing /...go fishing
Siapa tahu / Who knows
Kita akan direstui tuhan / If we'll be blessed by God
Dapat tidak dapat kita tetap bersabar / If we get it or not, we must remain patient
Kalau kita dapat tidak usah selalu bangga / if we get, dont take pride
Itu sudah kehendak yang kuasa / it is the will of the power
Mari kita pulang / let`s get back home
Dan taruh pancingnya / and put the fishing rod
Isi umpan kita tunggu beberapa saat / we put the bait and wait a moment
Ada yang makan tidak ada yang makan / if it’s eaten, or not eaten by fish
Itu sudah biasa / it is normal
Yang namanya memancing kita harus tetap / we are fishermen and we must remain

Directed & Produced by Vladyslav Yavorskyy
Editor - Olena Levchenko
Camera - Dmytro Zavoruiev
Assistant - Samanta Yavorskyy
Composer - Oles Stepanov
Translation from Bahasa - Eka Prayoga


P.S. During the filming we witnessed the longest partial lunar eclipse 🌘 since the 15th century, it's captured in one of the photographs in the film. Perhaps this is not an accidental sign of Mother Nature, which, God bless, symbolizes changes for the better.

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