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Embrace the Summer with the World of Gems, Kids and Knowledge

Summertime is official.
Lift the restrictions and try on something brand new.
How about a tangible WorldMapOfGemstones that you can wrap around your body after a swim? While your skin is caressed by the soft fabric, your eyes are delighted with the fun geography of our branded towel.
Spread it on the grass for a picnic with friends and family. Let your baby crawl on the colorful maze of precious stones around the globe.
Order your World Map Towel now and fill this summer with colors, fun and knowledge!
World map towel
Speaking of babies, it's never too soon to start learning gemology - and never too late.
We're excited to launch GEMSPIX, the first online platform for studying gemstones at any age. Fun educational videos, free games, and specially designed #yavorskyy Gem Sets for beginners - find it all in one place www.gemspix.com.
Double Splash of Summer in our freshly acquired Mandarin Garnets
Mandarin Garnet 7.50 ct
If you're not too young and not too beginner, here's some hard rocks for you.
In the new big episode of our #GemsTalk Vlad Yavorskyy and his friend gem dealer from Bangkok go deep on the Spinel pricing over 25 years, revealing forbidden secrets and sharing insider stories. Watch the full 30 minutes talking-while-walking and enjoy the visual backup we carefully created for you.
Gems talk
Let it be Summer!
Let it be Precious!
Let it be Fresh!
Ruby July birth stone
July's Birthday Ruby and other precious gifts always at yavorskyy.com
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