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Gem Trends: Jedi Spinel

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"Do you have Jedi Spinel?" - this was the most popular question during the past Gem Show in Hong Kong for us. Impressed by the consistent interest of our Mainland customers, we decided to shed some light on this delightful Gem.
Jedi Spinel from Mansin (Mogok, Burma) buy online
Jedi Spinel from Mansin (Mogok, Burma)

The name Jedi Spinel was coined as an allusion to the Star Wars blockbuster, referring to Jedi as something untouched by the “dark side of the force”, and the image of a Jedi’s red laser sword comes to mind. A Gemstone that cannot be conquered by the dark, a pure and glowing red color under any lighting conditions, an overwhelming amount of fluorescence even in a tiny size - this is the unique variety of natural Spinel from Mansin mine in Burma (Myanmar).
Jedi Spinel from Mansin (Mogok, Burma) buy online
A fine pair of Jedi Spinels


Jedi Spinel in a local dealer's hand, Burma. Photo by Vlad Yavorskyy
But let us not confuse Mansin Spinel with Namya Spinel (also known as Naya or Nanya). It is actually Namya Spinel that gave original inspiration for the name Jedi, but the production of Namya mine in the Northern Burma was so desperately small that there wasn’t enough stones to create the market for it. A fine gem quality Spinel with Namya origin on the report is beyond valuable, and we could literally count these stones on one hand. Namya Spinel remains a legend on its own, and connoisseurs covet it by its own name. The characters of Spinels from Mansin and Namya are indeed very similar, and the color is supreme in both cases, but let us leave Namya Spinel to those who collect historical artefacts and certified origins. For the rest of us we still have a handful of Jedi Spinels from Mansin. Say Jedi - think Mansin! 
Words cannot capture the striking visual effect of seeing a Jedi Spinel alive, so we invite you to enjoy our extended collection of Mansin Spinels acquired by Vlad Yavorskyy for over 20 years in Burma. Crystals or faceted, organic forms or cut to perfection pieces, included or flawless - each of our Jedi Spinels can hit you with its electric charge of neon red, leaving no trace of dark spot in your gem-loving hearts!
«Джеди»: так называется особая разновидность Шпинели насыщенного розово-красного цвета из месторождения Мансин в Могоке (Бирма, Мьянма). Сравнение с джедаиским мечом из «Звездных войн» намекает на исключительную силу, чистоту и неоновость красного цвета в камнях, который не омрачает малейшая тень. Джедаи Шпинель обладает феноменальной флюоресценцией и свечением изнутри. Это редкий и ценный материал редко бывает больше карата и пользуется большим спросом у коллекционеров и ценителей драгоценностей. Купить Джеди Шпинель можно в онлайн-галерее Yavorskyy.com. 
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