IVY New Arrivals: Lucky Colors of the White Rat

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Lunar New Year is a perfect time to make a wish and take a fresh start with the Moon cycle.
Welcome to the year of the White Metal Rat!
The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese horoscope, and it promises a great opening not to a year alone, but to a whole 12-year period.
Let’s indulge the Rat with its favorite colors to secure good luck and good wealth this year!
We have just handpicked these fresh Jewels to match the lucky palette of 2020: white, blue, grey-purple, and unfailingly sparkling. 
Grey spinel
If you need to choose only one piece to please the Metal Rat, take this Steel-Grey Spinel Ring. Elegance and symmetry of the perfect square octagon #yavorskyy cut, finesse and brilliance of Burma Spinel - good luck and good look guaranteed.

Elaborate setting and classy choice of Gems in this set make for a timeless Demi-Parure. The Ring and the Earstuds feature Royal Blue Unheated Sapphires, framed with a wreath of marquise diamonds. Diamond and Sapphire is a perfect match for all times, and they work together especially well in 2020 as White and Blue.

Other than everyday pieces above, there’s a new creation of festive jewelry to fit the color palette of 2020 Lunar year. An artful addition to IVY Windrose Collection, this pair of Blue Iolite and Sapphire Earrings will call for a celebration every night you put them on, just to remember:
you create your own luck, all year round.

Iolite and diamonds earrings

Iolite, Blue Sapphire and Diamond Windrose Earrings

What else is new? New touch on the holiday selection of IVY Jewels with Red Spinels and Green Tsavorites: watch our new episode of Jewelry Talks with Anna.

Jewelry Talks with Anna

Happy Luna New year

Happy Lunar New Year!

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