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IVY New Year: 2️⃣+0️⃣+2️⃣+2️⃣ New Jewels 💎

Treasures To Celebrate 2022

IVY New Year 2022

Is it snowing at your place, or maybe you’re sheltered on a sunny island?
Are you a crazy Christmas shopaholic, or would you rather bake ginger cookies for a cozy family dinner?
No matter the season and the scale of your expectations, we have something to add sparkle to this season.
Here are 6 handpicked Jewels we have just uploaded on website, meaning they are ready to be bought, gifted and enjoyed 💎

Blue Sapphire Earrings

Blue Sapphire Full Circle Earrings 

Let’s start with the classics. A new variation of IVY Blue Sapphire Earrings feels royal, subtle and trendy at the same time.

Emerald and Diamond Ring

Emerald and Diamond Baguette Ring 

Timeless with a twist, this new IVY Emerald Ring will Glow your mind away (yes, Glow with a G). Look how the striking neon green of a Colombian Emerald is highlighted and elevated by the multilayered diamond platform.

Pink Spinel and diamond ring

 The Natal Star Pink Spinel and Diamond Ring

On the New Year’s Eve, we all make a wish. A wish upon a star. This Pink Spinel Ring is composed in a shape of a Natal Star, making for an outstanding piece of jewelry art.


Guilty pleasure of wearing too many Gems…
is not guilty when it comes to the New Year holidays! 💋

Red Spinel Earrings

Red Spinel Earrings

Finally, we’re happy to unveil the new model of Red Spinel Earrings performed in 3 variations. Everything is quite ultimate about this design: shape - round, color - red, size - just right, Gemstone - Spinel, fit - tight yet weightless, look - wealthy yet casual. And such a sweet price. What else can you expect from a piece of jewelry, especially when it comes to a New Year Gift 🎁


On a gift note, what can be better than choosing your own present. How do you like the new looks 2022 of IVY Gift Card? We can customize the spending amount and design, so that your Gift gets as exclusive as it possibly can. Just like every piece of IVY Jewelry: Fine, Natural, One-Of-A-Kind 💝

IVY Bubbles Tasting

As you say goodbye to the year 2021, search your heart for gratitude and kindness.
Say “thank you” to all the happy things happened to you this year.
And free up some space to welcome new arrivals, even more precious than before.

Make a wish 💫
Raise a glass 🥂
Cheers to great health and good luck in 2022!

Much love and care from your IVY Dream Team 💎
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