Paraiba: the Priceless Hypnosis

How can you describe the most mind-boggling Gem phenomenon in modern history? 
When words are helpless, numbers will do. 
Tucson Gem Show 1990: $250/ct 
A week later:                     $2500/ct 
Two decades later:            $18000/ct 
Christie’s, May 2018:         $180000/ct  
How can you explain this incomprehensible growth of just a “Tourmaline” in some thirty years? Why would you pay this price for a piece of neon blue rock?
Paraiba Ear pendants © Christies

The answer is clear: as Vlad Yavorskyy says, “Women just love Paraiba”. 
As simple as that. Love at first sight and forever. 
Forget the name, the prejudice, forget anything you ever knew about precious stones - just see the color and try to resist the hypnosis. Try to stop your heart from giving in the sweet neon glow. 
How much are you ready to give for a true Love? 
The latest record of 2.7 million USD for a pair of Tourmaline earrings at Christie’s pushes the boundaries of our price senses.

Now that you’ve missed a chance to set a world record in colored stones, don’t give up: there are still few worthy gem-quality Paraibas in the market, and some finest of them are resting peacefully in Yavorskyy collection. 
Still waiting for another zero in the carat price for the epic Gem? With Pairaiba, there’s no limit to your love.

The original discovery of Paraiba Tourmaline written brilliantly by a live witness - all treasures in our GemstonesBook! Hurry up to order your copy while we still have a few! 
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