Ruby: the Red Profusion

Posted on August 13 2018

Despite Ruby being the most coveted Gemstone, the rarest and most expensive, the most celebrated and least available, Ruby is that very Gemstone that has been set in most exquisite jewels over the history, always as the center stone surrounded by Diamonds. Creating a piece of Ruby jewelry is truly a dream of every master who respects the fine tradition.

Despite Ruby being a dream of a gem, hardly available in sufficient amount to make a wholesome jewel with all Gemstones of same fine quality, we took a chance on a parcel of Rough Rubies straight from the auction. One year ago, thanks to the recently developed Ruby mining in Mozambique, we were fortunate to acquire as many Rough Rubies as it takes to make your jewelry dream come true. Since we were buying as a whole lot, all stones within enjoy the same fine quality: clear red color, proper cut and proportion, clean sparkling crystal. Last year we indulged in the fun of cutting this Rough and later on designed this Bracelet.

Let’s face it how blessed we are to witness this unique moment of history when you can literally walk in fields of Rubies. 
Let’s celebrate the generosity of Mother Nature that allowed us to create these truly regal jewels without starting a war... perhaps once in a lifetime. We are quite certain that anyone who falls in love with this magnificent Ruby Bracelet will be able to afford it... without a heartbreak!

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