Topaz: the Sweet November birthstone

Posted on December 17 2018

As a gem connoisseur, you will not be puzzled to name the most common color for natural Topaz. You will name this color as easily if you come from the fashion industry. The warm, earthy palette from golden sand and mustard to faint blush pink - this is in fact what they label “Topaz color” in haute couture. In gemology, this color ranges from pale brown-yellow to colorless. Imperial Topaz is a dream of a gem collector, and we have some rare color samples in our Gemstones Book. “Blue Topaz” is not actually a must-follow collocation, as it very seldom occurs in the wild, and the blue shade is achieved in commercial Topaz by enhancement which we don’t interfere.

In other words, it is not exactly the color you seek in a natural Topaz. It is the crystal clarity, the crispy sparkle of a hard durable rock, and after all it is the size. Vlad Yavorskyy has managed to make the most out of some white Topaz gems. Not only did he cut them outstandingly big and set in prominent designs. He also put those White Topaz Rings in such a staging that would maximize the character of this powerful Gem. We assembled the legendary English motorcycle, the brave Brazilian models and the killer IVY Topaz Rings to shake off eleven months of hard work and get you on a holiday ride. Enjoy this original music video and rock with us! 🏍 🤘

Born in November? Welcome to select a loose or set Natural Topaz - November birthstone - at

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