Signature earrings: enhance the shining of your eyes

Perhaps everyone knows the amazing sparkle of snowflakes which mingle in the sunrays refracted through their prism. Such a fantastic play of colors! Now imagine even a richer spectrum of gemstones faceted by a master cutter in a pair of diamond-framed ear pendants. The optical effect, especially in the sunlight, is tremendous. It won’t fade away in the candle light at a romantic date either, complementing – not rivaling – the fire of your eyes. Unlike most modern jewelry, even the largest IVY ear pendants are featherlight, feeling like precious drops caressing your ears.

Connoisseurs of natural beauty who prefer calmer shining instead will enjoy laconic compositions of IVY ear studs or clips with a center stone encircled by meticulously mounted diamond rim. If you are attracted by deeper tones, blue sapphire or red spinel earrings would suit perfectly. The rich selection of Yavorskyy-cut precious stones will please every girl. Flowerhead earrings in their humble petite layout make you look feminine and graceful. Square or rhombus-shaped studs create a geometrical look while artistic wreath-like or chandelier earrings highlight a daring chic personality.
Malaia garnet earrings warm you up with their peachy color and luster, so feminine and delicate. Moonstone enchants you with its mysterious cosmic glow, aquamarine refreshes your senses, reminding of the seaside and a summer vacation. Spinel, garnet and tourmaline earrings amaze you with their kaleidoscope of warm and cold hues: green, blue, red, orange to name but a few.

IVY earrings, studs and pendants are especially easy and fun to buy online because you never worry about the size – our model will fit for sure. And it is such a wonderful present for your girlfriend!
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