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Designer Earrings: effortless magic to glow up your face

Your face is the most grateful canvas for makeup, your head is the natural throne for hairstyle, and a pair of IVY Earrings is the ultimate frame for all this work of art. Explore the kaleidoscope of gem combinations to complement your neckline in the most graceful manner.

Spinel Earrings is a rare treasure, as Spinel gemstones are scarce and hard to match. That’s why we take special pride in our matching Spinel pairs, thoroughly collected by Vlad Yavorskyy stone by stone over 30 years, and cut precisely to reveal the best luster and shape. The colors of IVY Spinel pieces are most desirable for women, as they match with the delicate complexion. Pastel rose and tender peach to glow with your skin, bright fuchsia and vivid red to reflect the lips, metallic grey or deep blue to twinkle like your eyes… choose the Spinel Earrings that work best for your look.

On a classic note, we create Ruby Earrings or Blue Sapphire Earrings, unheated and framed with old-cut Diamonds. Emerald Earrings is another timeless value, but is not the only option for green jewel. Tsavorite, Demantoid Garnet or Chrome Tourmaline in IVY pieces shine even brighter, their price is lighter, and they identify you as a fine gem connoisseur, sophisticated and discerning. Royal Indigo or Paraiba Earrings reflect the style and taste of a classy jewelry lover.

No matter how many Gemstones and the size, IVY Earrings are always lightweight and laconic, thanks to the master secret: we use as minimum gold as possible, just enough to hold the stones, ever so slightly. The focus of each IVY piece is on the colored stone, while Diamonds and gold are exploited only to enhance the gems.

Buying a precious accessory for yourself, your mama, girlfriend or your lady boss has never been easier: our premium quality ear studs or featherlight ear pendants will fit for sure, no worries about the size. Close-up videos will help you shop online with fun and ease. And no hesitation if somebody else can copy your style: each piece of IVY jewelry is one-of-a-kind.

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