Unique jewelry. Fine art meets gems: the special pride of IVY New York

Unique jewelry of IVY collection jewelry is a precious line of one-of-a-kind artworks. They are handcrafted with love and passion facet by facet, gem by gem, piece by piece, and the process of making one flawless jewel can take long years.

Vlad Yavorskyy has developed his distinct style as a jeweler inspired by the most beautiful epochs: from classic symmetrical Antique to geometrical Art Deco with the signature elements of his cross-cultural heritage, so that every single woman would find something unique to complement her own inimitable style. A duchess, a nymph, a high society diva, a goddess – there’s no better way to reveal a woman’s true nature, to make her feel truly special.

IVY haute joaillerie rings, ear pendants, necklaces and bracelets have found their lucky stars on the red carpet at the Cannes Festival, the Met Gala, and other glamorous happenings. Celebrities love IVY jewels for their chic indulgent look, while Arab princesses, used to pampering themselves with precious gems since childhood, cherish the traditional value of unique fine stones in elegant settings. Minimum metal and maximum brilliance make each piece a never-ending pleasure to touch and wear. Genuine royal treasures, worth a museum display, IVY jewels rather be enjoyed on a beautiful woman wearing it with passion, grace and love.

Each IVY piece is a timeless investment with the world's rarest gemstones to mesmerize the heirs with the same delightful sparkle as ever. Presented to your lady even with no words uttered, they eloquently tell her that she is the ONE.
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