IVY New Arrivals 💎 The Blue Princess

Posted on October 03 2018

The Blue Princess

Judging by the recent Hong Kong Gem Show, the Royal House jewelry trends cannot stay unfollowed in the Mailnland. Thus, the wedding ring choice of Princess Diana and the new Duchess of Sussex is actually the most democratic precious stone you can imagine. How do you ride the royal wave? Trust your intuition and don’t miss this unique opportunity, here and now.

By a lucky coincidence we have just finished working out a spectacular Aquamarine rough bought earlier this year. The crystal’s size and span allowed Vlad Yavorskyy to play with designs and facet truly artistic gems with beautiful internal life. 

Why not create your own piece of jewelry with one of these charming Yavorskyy cut Aquamarines? Explore the collection of loose gemstones Aquamarines just arrived on our website.

Feeling like a Princess has never been easier

Otherwise, we are happy to delight you with one of IVY ready to wear pieces: lightweight Earrings of intricate layouts and signature elegant Rings of angelic blue color. Let’s catch this lucky moment of history when the truly Royal Gem can so easily sparkle on your own finger... at such a modest price.

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