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July birthstone Ruby is called the most precious of the 12 stones created by God.
The history of Ruby is rich in splendor and mystery. These Red Gemstones have been mentioned in the Bible, worn by royalty throughout human history, and believed to protect ancient warriors in battle. They have been thought to act as a talisman for peace and a promise of wisdom and health for the holder. They are associated with love, passion, and power. But for all that, their very existence is still considered to be something of a geological miracle. Creating a piece of Ruby Jewelry is truly a dream of every master who respects the fine tradition.

Ruby necklace

July birthstone is a living legend that is making history in front of our eyes. Did we tell you that the Mozambique Ruby in 2017 was an unprecedented event in the chronicle of precious stones? Ever since, we've been keeping an eye on the new productions, and none of them got close in quality, quantity or size to what we saw two years ago. Luckily, Vlad Yavorskyy was generous in his Ruby investment and we can still enjoy the fruits of that game-changing decision.

Rose cut diamonds, handful of diamond, hand full of diamonds

The magnificent IVY Ruby Bracelet is more than just a piece of fine jewelry. It is a phenomenon of historical, geological, economical and cultural character, that could take place only within these recent years. The less Rubies of finest quality and color we'll see in the market - just as it always used to be,- the higher will grow the value of each important piece created out of those Mozambique pockets. How can we expect Mother Nature to give us such unprecedented gifts more than once in a lifetime? We rather count our blessings and treasure what's in our hands already.
Fully content after cutting those glowing red natural Ruby crystals, Vlad Yavorskyy got inspired to create more than one piece of jewelry. The latest Ruby and Diamond Necklace has just come from the bench, and we're ready to excite you again with all stages of creation, from rough stones to the final ready-to-wear. This unique and incredibly elegant Necklace is a gift from heaven! Natural Unheated Ruby 28.47 cts / 15 pcs, Rose-cut Diamonds 24.84 cts / 67 pcs.

Let's see if this new film can beat the record of our Ruby Cutting blockbuster that got over 270000 views by now. After all, the most precious and desirable Gemstone of all eras and civilizations deserves a right to be the most watched one in the modern age, too.

“Ruby’s red glow is like the snowflake and the rainbow. In a glorious accident of nature, ruby was blessed with both a crimson body color and an ability to take fragments of visible light and blast them back with a laser-like red emission. Indeed, the first lasers were crafted from ruby.
A fine gem is a sensual being. It lives, pulses, throbs, and breathes. It is pure desire. And ruby – that most sensual of all precious stones – has touched me like no other. Long ago I surrendered myself to her. And now no other will do. Yes, ruby is passion, ruby is desire, but most importantly – like the sun – ruby is life itself.”
In this short passage of our Gemstones Book Richard Hughes masterfully illustrates everything about the Ruby: Power, Beauty, Value, Desire, and Life itself.

Happy Birthday Ruby!

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