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THAILAND Travel with Yavorskyy: Spicy Flames and Wild Treasures

We continue the most artful and daring travel series with this long-awaited visualization of Thailand, “the land of a thousand smiles”.
The lens of Thai-rooted gemstone master Vlad Yavorskyy and his NudeGem cast of fearless models will stir your senses like a bite of Thai chili. Our new video-ballad reveals what’s hidden in the Treasure Trove of the Universe: deities and living angels, gems and spices, rituals and endless sparks, magnetising like witchery...

THAILAND Travel with Yavorskyy

🛺 Our first stop by TukTuk - Bangkok: the pungent smell of spices and street foods, wriggling monitor lizards in the Lumpini Park, the dizzying view from 63rd floor of the Lebua at State Tower, thousands lights of Silom Road, the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market... A sharp contrast to the next stop on our map, Koh Phangan Island🗺 By the way, in this part we caught a goldfish 🐠
so if you catch the timing in the comments below we’ll send you a present 🎁 !

We explore the elephant-shaped headland Koh Chang, the Island of the biggest creatures of Mother Nature🐘. Moving to the North, we meet the charming oasis of untouched waterfalls and jungles - the little town in the Mae Hong Soon Province Pai, place of settlements Karen Tribe and famous Night Market Life.

When you travel in space, one minute counts for several years. Similarly, in just three minutes of our video teleportation you will discover the most mysterious land with almost a thousand years of history and pick up the language of ancient female Beauty of the fertile land of a thousand smiles.

Find more Thai Riches in NUDEGEM BOOK - https://ivynewyork.com/blogs/books/nudegem

🎥Original idea, production, photo and video by Vladyslav Yavorskyy & Sammy Galinsky.

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