IVY New Arrivals: The Show Stoppers

Posted on September 09 2018

The busy season has just begun but we’re already overwhelmed with good news. On top of all we just launched our new Double Book. We bought some amazing new stones. Still we never forget that Gems look their best not in pages or showcases, but when set in tasteful jewels on the hands and ears of our customers.

We have just uploaded some new pieces to our store, handpicked to your versatile likings. Some of them extend our favored collections with a fresh twist, like this dainty Paraiba Ring. Some of them stand out on their own with pride and dignity, like this Ruby Ring worthy a hand of Her Majesty.
No matter shapes and colors, each IVY jewel is a handcrafted piece of art, never ceasing to delight the ones wearing it and seeing it. We’ll be showing some of new items for the first time in Hong Kong 2018, so don’t miss your chance to catch the premiere! Please come visit us on September 14 - 18. 

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