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New Year, New Presents, Timeless Gems

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We know you’ve been waiting for some new sparks for your festive fire, and we’re there to make your Christmas wish come true. We just picked these one-off pieces to help your celebrate 2020 in full swing... and full sparkle. 
Which IVY would match your holiday mood? 
Moonstone and diamonds ring
1) Winter Wonderland 
This Moonstone and Diamond Ring speaks for itself. The winter has never felt so touchable on your finger. This tender creation is just off the bench, as new as a day.
Aquamarine earrings
2) Lunar New Year 
If you follow Feng Shui or Moon cycles (which is always a good idea), you want to greet the year of Metal Rat in lucky colors: white and blue. How about this pair of Aquamarine Earrings with Diamonds and Iolites? The composition is festive and delicate, and the look is outrageously big for this modest price. 
3) Santa and Mistletoe 
In the traditional Christmas color palette, nothing can beat Green Tsavorite and Red Spinel. Only thanks to collecting Gemstones over 30 years, Vlad Yavorskyy can afford to match the stones in these signature total looks, when the color determines the essence. 
Fresh look of timeless treasures
Fresh look of timeless treasures
4) Snow Queen 
Meet the new creation of IVY signature Crown Model: composed fully of pastel-colored Spinels, these Earrings whirl you away in a waltz of snowflakes. The supreme brilliance and dispersion of natural Spinel is highlighted to the maximum in this fusion of colors and cuts. No matter how laconic and discreet, this pair calls for a celebration every waking moment, turning each day into a holiday.  
Spinel and Diamond Earrings
5) Gem Trendy 
These charming earstuds are a perfect gift for a Gemstone fashionista. Pink Spinel from Pamir is our favorite trend in the world of gems & jewelry, and it is the most feminine and royal, above all. You wouldn’t believe that the historical stones of Kings and Queens can be available at such a symbolical price though. But it’s the season of happiness, and it’s Yavorskyy prerogative after all.
Pink Spinel Earrings
Enjoy IVY celebration ideas with Fine Natural Stones and exquisite designs: most precious gifts for the precious people.
And don’t forget to order your copy of the New Spinel Book: the best way to share your love at only $180.
New Spinel Book
Unbox your IVY New Year! 
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